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Name: Tasman Nankervis

Age: 23/06/1995

Team: Merida Shimano  
Strengths: Climbing, Endurance, Skills 

Goals: Enjoy riding and win some races 

Favourite Race: 2017 World Champs or Cape to Cape stage race

Favourite location: Queenstown or Austrian Mountains

"'Hailing from Bendigo, I've been riding bikes since I was a kid and never stopped. I'm the youngest of a big family and got into the sport through my older brothers, always wanting to keep up and never miss out.  

I enjoy riding a variety of disciplines, keeping the motivation fresh as I rotate between mountain bike, road and gravel racing. My favourite is no-doubt cross-country MTB as It encompasses components I enjoy most - being fitness, skills, adrenaline, nature and adventure.

I’ve been fortunate to travel the world racing my bike representing Australia at multiple Cross-Country World Championships and having been a National Champion as a U/23. I currently balance my cycling aspirations whilst working as an Exercise Physiologist, aiding people’s health with the prescription of exercise and education.

I've been riding for Merida Bicycles since 2015, a relationship I’m proud of, as I believe we share a similar passion for the sport. Merida creates bikes for the best teams in the world and even more importantly place a huge emphasis on the everyday rider, increasing participation and accessibility in the sport, whilst also promoting physical activity. 

I have lofty goals remaining, looking to target racing domestically and selective overseas events. I still have bucket list races to compete in and events to conquer in which I’ve finished runner up in. There is also the growing gravel scene, which sparks a natural interest for myself. Overall I will race in whatever I’m enjoying at the time and my natural competitiveness will take care of the rest."



Top results

  • Cross-Country U/23 National Champion 2017

  • Cape to Cape Winner 2017

  • Otway Odyssey Winner 2017

  • 5 x Great Otway Gravel Grind Winner

  • 2 X Reef to Reef Overall Winner

  • 5 x Cross-Country Victorian State Champion

  • 3 x Top 5 Elite XCO National Championship finishes

  • 2 x Top 15 Elite National Road Championships 

  • 3 x Top 20 U/23 World Cup results

  • 2 x Top 50 Cross-Country World Championships U/19 + U/23 

  • 2 x Marathon National Championships Runner Up

  • 2 x Port to Port Runner Up

  • 3 x Hellfire Cup Overall Winner

  • Commonwealth Games long team 2018

  • Olympic Games long team 2016



  • 15th Australian Road Championships

  • 1st Victorian State XCO Championships

  • 17th Overall Tour Down Under

  • 5th Australian XCO Championships

  • 1st Harcourt Classic Gravel Race

  • 1st Great Otway Gravel Grind

  • 1st Devils Cardigan Gravel Race

  • 1ST Reef to Reef



  • 1st Victorian XCO Championships

  • 1st Great Otway Gravel Grind

  • 7th Otway Odyssey MTB Marathon

  • 13th National Road Championships Elite Men

  • 4th National XCO MTB Championships Elite Men

  • 2nd National XCC MTB Championships Elite Men

  • 1st Harcourt Classic Gravel Race



  • 1st Otway Gravel Grind

  • 1st XCO State Round Red Hill

  • 1st Wombat Classic

  • 2ND Cattleman 100

  • 1st XCO State Round Forrest

  • 1ST XCO State Round Eildon

  • 1st XCO State Round Avoca

  • 1st Victorian XCO Series



  • 1st XCO National Cup Redhill

  • 1st Great Otway Gravel Grind

  • 1st Reef to Reef Solo

  • 1st Bike Buller XCO

  • 2nd Otway Odyssey

  • 2nd XCM National round, Bendigo

  • 3th XCM National Championships

  • 6th XCO Oceania Championships

  • 26TH National Road Championships

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