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Coaching Background

Currently coaching a number of full time athletes utilizing my race experience and knowledge in Exercise Physiology. My experience has developed by working with Bendigo's Two Wheeled Academy since its initiation and currently studying 3rd year of Exercise Science/ Physiology at Latrobe University. This has given a strong background in personal training and program writing. I'm still working at becoming a professional mountain biker and have spent the past 4 winters in Europe racing the World cup series. This year after missing commonwealth games I will be attempting my first season on the road bike and continuing racing MTB domestically.



 Using digital program, 'Todays Plan' programs are written and analysed. This allows myself as a coach to oversee rides easily and also provide feedback based off data and subjective information. Updates and training sessions are sent out daily via email and also stored on the 'Todays Plan' calendar. This program costs $10 per month.



Gold 200per/month 

- Detailed program based of HR/Power, updated fortnightly and overseen throughout the week.

- Specific strength/core program updated monthly 

- Weekly phone call   

- Race strategy and mentor-ship

Sliver $150per/month

- Detailed program based of HR, updated monthly and with weekly break downs.

- Basic strength/core program  

- One phone catch up a month  

- Race strategy and mentor-ship

Once off Program $250

- Targeting specific event with 2-3month build up 

- Basic strength/core program 


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